Are These Leadership Practices and Paradoxes True?


I came across an interesting link that was written from a journalist who attended the Annual Forbes Global CEO Confernece. While attending the conference, her perception about leadership changes from a closed system to a human process. She writes that leadership is  “an interplay and practice of perpetual calibrations which, like human behavior itself, are a dynamic blend of paradoxes and perceptions.” In order to be successful we must manage these paradoxes.

The five paradoxes that the articles focuses on are:

1. Vunerability is a powerful display of courage

2. An effective way to lead is to serve

3. Humility is a powerful expression of confidence

4. The best way to learn is to teach

5. Fear cultivates fearlessness

What are your thoughts on the article? Are there any more paradoxes that you can think of that goes along with leadership? Do you believe that successful leadership depends on how we manage these paradoxes?

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One Response to Are These Leadership Practices and Paradoxes True?

  1. tjoeshields says:

    Yes, leadership is a paradox. These are some great ones.

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