Everyday Leadership


Above is a video link taken from the TED website focusing on Drew Dudley’s talk on ‘Everyday Leadership.’ In the video he starts out asking the audience how many of them feel comfortable calling themselves a leader. He says that a large portion of the audience will not raise their hands. Why do you think that is?

He goes on to talk about peoples current perspective of leadership being something bigger than us. That leadership is about changing the world. He reiterates over and over again that we need to redefine leadership as an action of ‘lollipop moments.’ Lollipop moments are defined as when someone says something or does something you feel fundamentally made your life better. Leadership should be about those moments and how many we create, how many we acknowledge, and how many we say thank you for.  

We made leadership about changing the world. There is no world just 6 billion understandings of it, and if you change one persons understanding of it then you changed the whole thing. 

So I challenge you to make those lollipop moments throughout the school year. Leadership is an everyday process.

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One Response to Everyday Leadership

  1. tjoeshields says:

    Yes, make lollipop moments of leadership everyday in different ways.

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