Lollipops and Leadership

Take a look at this Ted Talk I stumbled upon not too long ago and decide if you too have had a lollipop moment. The notion that leadership is actually an everyday, every moment “thing” seems to shout, “Duh”…but it is actually a revolutionary idea. We often find ourselves in situations where leadership is needed and we ignore the challenges because they seem all too trivial. We must break away from our stereotypical ideas of what leadership is (i.e., negotiate a peace treaty, create world peace, salvage a failing school, etc.) and take a more modern, less daunting view on leadership (i.e., picking up trash in the school hallways, encouraging others to achieve their goals, etc.). As leaders, we preach systematic problem solving; analyzing and breaking a problem into small pieces until it is solved. So, then, why is it that our view of leadership does not follow that same thought process? As evidenced by the lollipop story, the small acts of leadership (everyday leadership) occur more often and have just as profound (if not more profound) effects as the idea of leadership we are used to. Moral of the story: lets make some more lollipop moments.

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2 Responses to Lollipops and Leadership

  1. tjoeshields says:

    I love this notion of lollipop leadership moments. It means that leadership occurs at all different points in our lives.

  2. trockr11 says:

    This really is a great TED Talk. Not only is it lollipop leadership, but simply lollipop communication. The best part about this story is that Drew had zero recollection of their first encounter. He was just being himself. Being a great inspiring person and leader. Its not always about the recognition, but rather just doing what is right.

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