Tweetin’ About Leadership

Since we are using a pseudo-form of social media here, I have decided to post a short article that outlines a brief interview  with Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo. Costolo was asked for 3 key leadership tips and he gave the following:

1) Don’t try to make friends.

2) There are many different ways to be a successful leader.

3) Be transparent.

I translated this to mean: empathize don’t sympathize, adapt, and be honest. I have had the opportunity to read many books and articles on leadership, most of which seem to mention these three tips in some fashion or another. Hats off to Mr. Costolo for being so brief, yet precise, with his advice. Question for self reflection: What 3 tips would you give on leadership?

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2 Responses to Tweetin’ About Leadership

  1. tjoeshields says:

    Ben – Nice thoughts. I was struck a little by his first principle about not making friends. I like the explanation he gave in the article much better. I really like the ideas on transparency.

    • crcicuto says:

      I wonder what leadership traits those who work with Costolo would say about him. As I have been reflecting on my own leadership traits I have found myself thinking about what those around me value, appreciate, and need most. Setting boundaries is critical with consideration to the core or “why” of a school, grade level or specific initiative.

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