Communicating Trust

Obama Illustrates Why Its Better to Be a Great Communicator Than Speaker  – Ann Marie Squeo

As I have watched pieces of interviews and reports about the situation involving Syria and chemical weapons, there are consistent references to doubt, demonstrating the lack of trust between Bashar al-Assad and what he often refers to as “Washington”, in the media. In fact, trust is the topic of most articles or quotes related to this global topic.  The alignment of words and actions is at a tipping point.

Communication is a crucial trait of a successful leader. Each of us has experienced this in some way or another.  A few brief words, or a lack thereof, can literally mean the difference between trust and doubt, which translates to the difference between success and failure. It’s the relationships that make the difference. From the oval office to the boardroom, in a  central office, or any classroom, clear communication establishes relationships and develops the kind of trust that encourages people to reach beyond their own expectations.  Successful leaders reflect on their words and actions to ensure that they are aligned with the vision communicated to and developed with those whom they lead.

While we will probably not be involved in decisions about literally engaging in war, as educational leaders we will more than likely find ourselves in control of tipping the scales of trust within our school building.  The clarity of our communication skills, words and actions, will play the most significant role in connecting with people and building working relationships with those we lead.

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One Response to Communicating Trust

  1. crcicuto says:

    Its pretty amazing that when you have the trust of those around you leading can take flight but certainly to have the trust of others we must have trust in ourselves first.

    The Forbes Thought Of The Day is:
    “ Self-distrust is the cause of most of our failures. In the assurance of strength, there is strength, and they are the weakest, however strong, who have no faith in themselves or their own powers. ” — Christian Bovée

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