The Presidents’ Gatekeepers

After coming home from class last Wednesday, I happened to stumble upon a documentary, The Presidents’ Gatekeepers, on the chief of staff of many past presidents. Initially I was intrigued by the history and the “inside scoop” of what REALLY went on behind the scenes of many presidencies. I quickly was blown away by how much leadership was written all over this documentary. Many of which we have discussed in class/articles.

Take a look at the clips…What leadership do you see in some of these clips???

Here is one short and sweet clip:

The Presidents’ Gatekeepers- Washingtonian clip

Here are more:

The Presidents’ Gatekeeper

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One Response to The Presidents’ Gatekeepers

  1. bcthompson1 says:

    Having the “worst job in the world” does not sound incredibly appealing, but many of the chief of staff job descriptions certainly fit with being a leader in all settings. Characteristics included being a point guard on a basketball where you have to get the ball to the best player, being a director of traffic, telling the truth no matter how unpleasant, and becoming an enforcer. It seems like the leadership role of chief of staff is extremely challenging, but as one interviewee simply put it, “Somebody’s got to be in charge!”

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