The Value of Listening.

The majority of leaders probably have perfected the skills of talking and directing. They may even say that communicating is their strength, but can they listen? Communicating is a joint, shared, cooperative conversation.

If you only give out information and never actively show interest in learning from others then the respect, partnership, and ultimately forward movement unlikely to happen.

Getting in touch with your own personal strength and weaknesses is the first step. Whether you need to learn to listen, sharpen up your skills, or work on the art of being present in your thoughts when having a conversation, each will allow you to grow in your leadership journey.

In the Forbes article, Why Most Leaders Need to Shut Up and Listen written by Mike Myatt he articulates the differences in speaking and listening. He directly tells the reader when to listen, how to listen, and WHY we should be listening to those around us.

I compare this necessity to instructional leadership and support teams. In True North, Bill George talks about building support teams and the value that those team members bring to the leadership team. The concept of listening and being an active listener in the conversation is one of the most critical elements.

As displayed in this short video clip on listening, even the smallest adjustments can make a powerful difference when it comes to engaging in a conversation and making it purposeful.

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