5 Steps of Service

The TED Talk “Why Do People Buy Apple Products” intrigued me. While I am a full supporter of Apple due to the simplicity and ease of their products, I found it interesting that many people buy in to the way Apple makes you feel. People buy in to the why. To show us the why Apple stands by their own acronym A-P-P-L-E, known as the 5 Steps of Service, beginning with “Approach with a personalized, warm welcome” for the A. In an attempt to achieve the same level of buy-in that Apple has, this Forbes article highlights other companies that are trying to mimic Apple’s philosophy and have successfully increased customer satisfaction through acronyms like W-E-C-A-R-E and H-E-A-R-T.


 Retail companies are not the only ones that need to increase satisfaction through a unified vision. We have seen that schools and districts have mission statements and visions as well. Individuals are no different. As we develop ourselves as educational leaders, it would be important to come up with our own philosophies and our own personal acronyms. How will you promote yourself as a leader? How will you gain respect? How will you achieve buy-in from your followers? Simply developing an acronym won’t be enough, but it is a start. 

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