Wanting “It All” or Only Some Of “It All”: Your Choice!

Thursday night as I was mindlessly scanning my Facebook NewsFeed, I came across the New York Magazine post on Maggie Lange’s article, “Some Women Only Want, Like, a Third of It All”. Clicking on- and reading- this first article lead to a whirl-wind hyperlink frenzy on feminism, modern female ambition, women in leadership, closing the gender gap, work-life balance, but overall this notion of having “It All”. Below was my path.

Lange’s short article…


…was in response to Elissa Strauss’s “I’m Not Ambitious and That’s Okay” essay for Salon…


…which Strauss wrote as a backlash to Anne-Marie Slaughter’s Atlantic piece “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”…


…as well as Slaughter’s Times article, “Yes, You Can”….


…referencing Sheryl Sandberg’s initial 2010 TED talk and current book “Lean In”.

As a took a short break, I remembered something I had read back on August 26, Women’s Equality Day, on The Huffington Post website entitled, “9 Things Women Couldn’t Do In 1939– And 3 Things They Can’t In 2013.”


Reading this article made me further appreciate the time in which I live. I appreciate the path feminists before me paved. And, although I believe we have more walls to break down when it come to Corporate America, gender equality, and the overall American stigma on parenthood, I am excited and optimistic to the future. As Xerox CEO Ursula Burns recently pointed out, “There’s A Tidal Wave Coming”.


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