I Am Malala

I enjoyed our class discussion on Gender and Diversity.  At the start of the discussion, I felt an uncomfortable awkwardness that I quickly shook as the discussion opened up.  I’m sure it’s because I fit both catagories, as I have, all of my life.  It’s always interesting to hear different comments and viewpoints on these issues.

As I returned to work the next day, I noticed that students from the 8th grade civics class were decorating a bulletin board outside of their classroom.  When they were done, it displayed a collage of Malala Yousafzai with poster board cut outs of “hands” with messages written in them.  The messages indicated what the students would like to do in the future as leaders.

The attached article focuses on Malala, a young girl fighting for the education of other young girls and how women are absent from the decision making table.  The writer indicates that it’s time to realize that by not including half the population (women), we are getting half the results. 

Do you agree?

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