Gender Roles: Incompetence vs. Insecurity

While reading the title of the article, it could ultimately cause varied responses:  responses of agreement, responses of opposition or a plethora of mixed responses.  Women may read and instantly jump up and down simply at seeing the words “incompetent men”, while men could see those very same words and cringe on the inside.  I read this article and thought back about our class discussion on gender and its role in leadership.  Ultimately, the questions that arise are:  Does gender in fact play a role in leadership and if so, why?  This article speaks of the fact that very qualified, if not over qualified women often get overlooked for leadership positions simply because they are women.  Women are expected to “lean in” but many already have the necessary traits to be successful leaders- humbleness, strong communication skills, problem-solvers and sensitivity to the needs of their followers.  Women can be both transformational and transactional.  Unfortunately, “Good leadership has always been the exception, not the norm.”

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