CEO of Converse: On Leadership published an article earlier today that focused on the CEO of Converse, Jim Calhoun, and his comparison of coaching basketball to being a CEO.  The article is seemingly short, and appears to be lacking in content, however, Calhoun manages to drive home a few solid points.

On the role of a team:

“A coach is forced to rely on the people he’s assembled and the guidance he’s given them.”

On making a game plan:

“It’s never scripted the way you imagine. The team’s ability to work through those unexpected issues and come out the other end with a victory—that’s what I manage.”

On building a progressive culture:

” I’m open to discussing ideas from non-traditional places.”


 “Eventually she [an employee] wore me down. But I didn’t relent because I thought it would succeed. I relented because I thought empowering her was a good idea.”

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One Response to CEO of Converse: On Leadership

  1. I appreciate the coaching approach highlighted in the article. It’s true that sometimes the goal of coaching is focused on relational outcomes rather than task achievement.

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