Parenting not political.










In 2010, Licia Ronzulli a member of the European Parliament, from Italy, took her 6 week old daughter, Victoria, to a vote at Strasbourg. She kept her baby carefully cradled against and occasionally kiss her on the forehead. Over the past several years she has continued to bring Victoria to work sessions. Mrs Ronzulli repeatedly writes and states to the press that it is not political, instead an act of motherhood.

What a brave women to take a stance that both leadership and parenting are important and finding the balance is an individual decision. I think back on the discussion that we have had, over the past several weeks, about gender rolls and more recently the differences in priorities in the United States comparative to other counties around the world. It is both interesting and sad to me the drastic differences in priorities, which has a huge impact on one’s quality of life.

Certainly taking a newborn and then toddler to work is not everyone’s preference, or feasible to all professions, but wouldn’t it be nice if the option was there to explore that balance? It speaks to letting go some of the control and parameter that are in place, which seem to grow by the year. More exact guidelines do not necessarily mean better. Actually the opposite seems to be happening, more is equating with tired people who now have less time for family, friends, and down time.

Brave people that take the scary risk, like Licia Ronzulli, to explore and jump in to try things differently are the winners and the forward thinkers to arriving at a more balanced life. Ultimately in the end that balance is spread outward.

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