Empowering School Leaders in the Classroom

As we all know, school leaders are not restricted to the offices occupied by administrators at the entrance of a school. Current and potential educational leaders can also be right there in the classrooms. An article featured in Scholastic Instructor highlights steps teachers can follow in order to take on the role of a school leader, including the following:

1. Start a Student Incentive Program

2. Get Parents More Engaged

3. Develop Curriculum

4. Chair a Team

5. Spearhead, and Share, Research

6. Become a Policy Wonk

7. Crunch the Numbers

8. Lead Professional Development

9. Start a Peer-Observation Program

10. Write Grants

11. Turn Your Classroom into a Teaching Lab

I encourage teachers to read this article and become empowered to assume the role of leader in their own educational institutions.


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