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This article suggests, as school leaders, we need to let teachers and students know that social media should not be feared in an educational setting. Mostly all students in today’s age have heard or currently have a Facebook and Twitter page. The article suggests that we need to incorporate social media into the curriculum, so students become more comfortable, proficient, and responsible with it. The article goes on and talks about that in order for a change to occur in the school environment, teachers need to see educational leaders using forms of social media as a means of teaching students.

Think back about ten years ago to the idea of text messaging. Several people thought that this idea wouldn’t be an important part in communicating with other people. Now, some people cannot leave their phone alone without sending a picture of what their eating or texting how their day went. I was apprehensive at first believing that social media should have no part in school instruction, however after reading this article my view has changed.

PJ Caposey is principal of Stillman Valley Schools. He was against the idea of social media until one day, when he decided to create a Twitter page. Now, through Twitter, he has received job offers, book publishing contracts, consulting opportunities, and constant on demand learning.

With this in mind, in the future, do you believe students will be offered jobs through the lens of social media?  Should we go along with using social media as a tool in the school setting?

Thoughts after reading the article?

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