Mickey Goodman writes an article entitled “Are We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids?”  His article focuses on Gen Y, those born from 1984 to 2002.  He identifies the people of this generation as ones who demand instant gratification.  Goodman also highlights the helicopter parents of this generation that coddle their children.

Tim Elmore has formed an organization called Growing Leaders to address the needs of this generation.  He is quoted below:

“These well-intentioned messages of ‘you’re special’ have come back to haunt us,” Elmore says. “We are consumed with protecting them instead of preparing them for the future. We haven’t let them fall, fail and fear. The problem is that if they don’t take risks early on like climbing the monkey bars and possibly falling off, they are fearful of every new endeavor at age 29.”

Goodman says the following about Growing Leaders: “Teachers, coaches and executives complain that Gen Y kids have short attention spans and rely on external, instead of internal motivation. The goal of Growing Leaders is to reverse the trend and help young people become more creative and self-motivated so they can rely on themselves and don’t need external motivation.”

(Would’t Pink agree?)

The article suggests what we have done wrong with this generation and the uncomfortable solutions.  I tend to agree with these solutions.  Do you?

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