“7 Reason I don’t care about PISA Results”

I ran across this article today, and I thought it was interesting–especially because Finland’s (OH NO!) scores drop significantly….

“Three, one of the amusing touches of schadenfreude this time around was Finland’s ratings plunge–from its perennial first-place perch to 12th in math, fifth in science, and sixth in reading. Now, don’t get me wrong. I dig Finland. But I’ve been exhausted by the fad-chasers who’ve been peddling the line that Finland had cracked the code of educational excellence. Truth is, I never believed that or that Finland’s successes could be readily imitated elsewhere, and I’m skeptical that its schools fell apart between 2009 and 2012. All of which means, again, I just don’t find these results that useful.”

Also, Shanghai was tops in the rankings.  Good for them, but… Check this quote out:

“Shanghai does not allow the children of migrants to attend its high schools.” Comparing U.S. performance to that of Shanghai isn’t apples and oranges; it’s applesauce and Agent Orange.”

Obviously different countries are doing completely different things educationally, so trying to compare what the United States is doing to these countries can’t be considered completely valid.

Here’s the link if you are interested:
7 Reasons I Don’t Care about the PISA Results

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