Am I ready as a leader for these issues?

In the last 26 years, I have had the opportunity to lead a department of teachers and students in a school and I have had a chance to lead a group of adults in the business world.  In the business world, leadership is not easy, but the issues are more contained and not there for public opinion much of the time.  However in looking at issues in education today, there are so many ideas and opinions on educational topics.  One of the topics that I would like to do more research on is the area of bullying.  I received a phone call today from a past parent who is now a grandparent who was telling me that her granddaughter was now being homeschooled due to the public school not handling a bullying situation correctly in her eyes.  This child was bullied to the point where she was eventually harmed by a child in a physical manner.  I was listening to her intently for about 30 minutes.  She explained she had talked to her delegate, who she felt was putting out weak legislation to protect the bully, but not much legislation to protect the victim.  After hanging up with her, I started to drift into my own thoughts and I asked myself  what would I do if I was this child’s Principal?  I began looking to Virginia DOE website and trying to learn as much as I could around the laws and/or discipline action.  I found several links to websites explaining bullying, educating students and parents on bullying, and that bullying was wrong in certain areas.  The past Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli had a website called Virginia Rules and talks that bullying is not specially defined in the law, however the criminal offenses that are associated with bullying are defined as law such as threat, harassment, extortion, assault and battery, and hazing.  It does require school boards to define in the school code of conduct with above areas addressed.  In today’s society, we are teaching kids to respect one another, but is that enough? Should bullying have stronger implications?  I know as an educational leader, I need to follow the code of conduct, but is that enough to stop bullying in my building?  Check out the link to the legislation that Florida is putting out?  To one bloggers point, how is going be managed?

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