11 Extremely Successful People Share Their Best Productivity Hacks

Business Insider posted this article that borrows from a longer feature from LinkedIn, who asked 60 of their most prominent business leaders to contribute their best “productivity hacks”.  This article highlights 11 of those “hacks”, from Richard Branson, Neil Blumenthal, Beth Comstock, and more. There is also a link to the other 49 articles in LinkedIn’s series, which are great.

The 11 “hacks” are (with some humble comments from me in italics):

  • Take care of your eyes (I would take this further to take care of yourself in general. The easiest thing I do to help myself be more effective is to eat breakfast.)
  • skillful delegation (work smarter, not harder).
  • create a venn-diagram for how you use your time.
  • hold stand-up meetings every day (I have read about the benefits of standing desks, this goes along with that. I like the idea of short stand-up meetings simply because they lessen the risk of distraction, i.e. checking emails during a meeting).
  • read more by reading less (Sometimes you need to read things cover to cover, but a lot of times it’s nice to get the bullet points. A lot of times I just read the bullet points. Unfortunately, that’s all I have time for some days).
  • get more work done while others are sleeping (This does take away the risk of other distracting you, but then you risk not getting enough sleep).
  • turn your computer into a typewriter (I have a program on my computer called “Om Writer” – http://www.ommwriter.com/ It takes over your computer to create a distraction free writing environment).
  • actually talk to people in your company.
  • figure out the reason you’re procrastinating.
  • always get the airline app.
  • eliminate business travel.


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