The Principal Story- A clip from Learning Forward

The Principal Story

The Principal Story is a movie that shows principal leadership in schools today.  The clip I found on line from Learning Forward Website shows two principals in struggling schools and their strong leadership styles in working with the staff and students in these schools.   Since being a part of the University of Richmond leadership program, I have heard how reflection is very important to a leader.  These two principals reflect as the building leader on their leadership each day to improve teacher performance, which will result in positive student outcomes.

Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, begins in the video by talking that principals are entrepreneurs, hard workers, smart, success driven, and have a heart for the job as the principal.

In the clip, the first leader has been principal for only 2 years and has 12 new teachers in her building.  She is offering much support through professional development.  She gives these new teachers time to learn from their mistakes and grow as teachers.  I liked her comment as some leaders are too quick to offer suggestions without first observing and giving the teacher time to reflect on their teaching and lesson planning.   She has her teachers reflect on data collected in their classrooms versus telling a teacher the conclusion to his/her data.

The second principal has been a principal in this leadership role for 6 years.  She first started in this school where there was poor teacher morale, poor behavior displayed by students, and low test scores.  What was interesting about this principal was the fact that she builds leadership in her teachers.  She wants her teachers to have a part in leading the school to success.   She has created many teams in her school.  These teams are designed to come up with ideas to address test scores, student behavior, community involvement, and teacher performance.  The one team that was highlighted was the discipline team.  She built the discipline team with teachers and the goal of this team is to give the students many trusted individuals to assist in guiding their behavior in a positive direction.

Both of these principals are leaders in their school environment and in the community.  They are part of the community, which sometimes is missing with some of our principals.  The community is a part of the total child.  They certainly were well trusted leaders by the children, their staff, and the community.

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