Pointing To Your True North

Sorry to do this, but we’re coming full circle. The more I read this semester, in and outside of class assignments, the more I’m realizing that everything in leadership comes down to one core value – finding and staying committed to your True North.

In the article, “Pointing To Your True North” from her blog and cross-post on ASCDEdge, Principal Sandra Trach of Lexington, Massachusetts, speaks to several aspects of striving for customized education. Trach says the True North of education should be personalized learning for every child.

Trach states that to ensure personalized success for every student, there are four elements effective schools must have in place and practiced: strong leadership, clear school structures, continuous collaboration, and monitoring of the progress. Her practical ways of doing this are outlined in each section. Her ideas give lots of credence to how an effective leader must design, create, and sustain this vision of customized education for all students.



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