Combating the Naysayers and the NoNos

How can an authentic leader, armed with the styles and born with the traits, motivate others to embrace their vision when there are so many “team” members that stand in their way?  After reading, Our Iceberg is Melting by John Kotter, I considered all of the NoNos I have encountered in the educational system.  I truly do not believe that these educators began with such a negative attitude towards change but have slowly fallen into this role due to initiatives and extended duties passed on by upper management and government agencies. I must admit that ,while I was reading, I recognized times that I  have been a NoNo or influenced by a NoNo. I can pinch myself and remember the importance of being positive for both my own sanity as well as for my students, but I can not imagine the difficulties of leading a group of naysayers.  I have provided a link of an interesting article titled: An Army of One: 5 ways to influence a Negative Corporate Culture.  Guest blogger, Lisa Bodell, shares some great tips that could be utilized by all leaders.


About Lindsey Hurlburt

I am a mother of an energetic little boy, a high school art teacher, and a very tired artist. I formally studied art at Virginia Commonwealth University, earning a B.F.A. in Painting and Printmaking in 2001 as well as a B.F.A. in Art Education in 2005. I exhibit my work in small galleries in the Richmond area and work part-time creating individual portrait commissions.
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