What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Over the course of our lives there have been numerous people that have inspired us in various ways. They have inspired us to work harder, pursue our dreams, and to become better people. If we think about all of these people and the qualities they possess, I am sure we would see many similarities. They were passionate, driven, kind, intellectual, motivated, etc.  It is quite clear to see that these inspirational people have impacted our emotions! They have left lasting impressions on our lives because of how they made us feel.  If inspirational people have motivated us because of the emotional connection we’ve made with them, shouldn’t leaders possess this same ability? Shouldn’t leaders be people who inspire others to work towards a common goal? There are many qualities and characteristics of good leaders, which range from intellectual ability to trustworthiness; but would any of those qualities matter if that leader was unable to inspire us? Some of the best leaders I’ve worked with were empathetic and genuine.  I stumbled upon an article on Forbes.com that discusses the relationship between leadership and emotion and it made me think about my interactions with others. Check out the article and ask yourself if your actions and words are inspiring others?


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