What do we fear as leaders?


What do we fear as leaders? Do we fear doing the right thing? Do we fear rejection by our team (if a leader) or colleagues? Do we fear the challenge of tackling curriculum, politics, adversity, mediocrity, etc.? According to George (2007), “To overcome their fears, they drive so hard for perfection that they are incapable of acknowledging either failures or weaknesses” (George, p. 30). I encourage everyone to move beyond the notion of perfection. None of us are perfect nor will we ever be. Better yet, strive for excellence and keep your standards high.


George, B. (2007). True-North: Discover your authentic leadership. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see it, the movie Coach Carter is very inspiring.

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One Response to What do we fear as leaders?

  1. tmwspurlock says:

    As educators, we are tasked with motivating and pushing our students to perform at their best. In some instances, we have to exert more energy and effort despite opposition. The more I look at this video and think about the impact the basketball coach (leader) had on his team (followers), the more inspired I am to keep pushing past obstacles. As a leader in an alternative setting, I face challenges everyday. It is my responsibility to keep my standards high for my students. If I have to keep going back into the “cave” day after day, then so be it. My students deserve to be encouraged about the positive aspects of life on a daily basis. We may not save them all, but even if we save one through the journey it was well worth the effort!

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