Initiating the Initiative


Every school year has its buzzwords that are constantly used in academic conversations.  A prime example for most school years, but especially this school year is “initiative.”

  • What is our school undertaking as a new initiative?
  • What has the district selected as our new initiative?
  • As a team or grade level are you heading up an innovative initiative?

Dr. Justin Tarte worded it best when he stated that,

Teachers feel like there are no less than 100 different initiatives all happening at the same time.  Building administrators feel like there are around 45 different initiatives happening.  And finally, central office administrators feel like there are only four or five main initiatives occurring across the district.”

Noticeably, there is great discrepancy between those overseeing the process and those living the process.  As educators, we know the struggle affiliated with too many changes coming down the pike.  In the future, as we move toward leadership roles, I hope that we maintain perspective when implementing new systems and strategies and never become too far removed.  As we transition out of classrooms, it is imperative that we anchor in the reality that too many initiatives that look good on paper lead to a constant state of stress and in turn a decline in school climate.

However, when you find yourself undergoing a constant state of change and feel you are nearing the end of your rope, it is essential to remind yourself of the positive denotation of the ever popular word “initiative.”  As leaders, it is crucial that we instill in those around us the desire to take initiative.  To take the time to remember why you wanted to become a leader and help others find what drives them, or their superpowers.  As Kid President states, “inspire other people to be extraordinary.”    When initiatives start to get the best of you, ignite in others the opportunity to take initiative and determine their superpower that will make a lasting mark on the world.



Tarte, J. (2014).  When you think you have nothing left to give.  Life of an Educator.  Retrieved from

YouTube- For the Heroes: A Pep Talk from Kid President


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