Do we need motivation to get over the lull?

It’s that time of year where we (teachers, students, and administrators) start to admit that we are in the thick of it.  Summer is finally truly in the past and cooler temperatures mean we’ve been in school long enough for a seemingly normal routine.  Interims have passed, and the marking period is closer to the end, with parent conferences to follow.  For some, this is a great place to be.  We are excited that a routine finally exists (in spite of testing!).  But for others, this is when the lull begins.  While winter isn’t even here, some are already starting to think of (next) summer!

Perhaps if we focused more on improving teacher morale, we would feel less of the lull.  As I am halfway through Daniel Pink’s Drive, I am already started to wonder about the overall morale at my school and whether or not we have lost our motivation.  His book certainly makes me want to work in some of the super cool organizations that he references.

But the truth is, working at a school, is totally cool.  While we may not feel it day to day, I think our job is amazing.  We get a fresh start every year, and down time to re-energize when the lull hits.  Even so, we can do better.  I came across this article about improving teacher morale and thought it was perfect for the blog:  6 Proposals for Improving Teacher Morale by Terry Heick.

I also thought a cute video might help:


And in case you wanted to hear more from Pink:

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