Change vs. Compromise: Who wins the battle?

When a school district is struggling, change is inevitable.   Resources are reallocated, staff replaced, and new leadership is brought in.  In the case of John Deasy,  the former superintendent of the Los Angles Unified School District, his job was no different.

What Deasy faced during this three and a half years was a mixture of losses and victories, but it seems his losses may become his biggest legacy.  With a billion dollar iPad controversy and an elected board that was more than ready for his resignation,  what will be his ultimate legacy?

He is described as using a hammer to fix issues where only a scalpel was necessary.  The question is, how do you create true and lasting change without holding firm to your educational principles?  It seems as though Deasy’s biggest fault was his refusal to compromise on key issues like teacher salary.  But does this outweigh his success in raising test scores and graduation rates?

How can leaders stand their ground and survive in their positions for any length time?  In the case of Deasy,  he faced pressure to resign despite making huge strides in a very large and challenging school district.

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