Beyond the Books: Educators as Mentors

With the changing demographics in the greater Richmond area, watching this video about the power of a positive role model struck me as being an increasingly critical component of education, particularly in our local school divisions.  An influential adult can make the difference for a child who is encountering barriers and challenges in and outside of the classroom.  This clip highlights some of the factors that impact students’ readiness to learn when entering the doors of our schools and recognizing what they are carrying with them is the first step.  When students are provided a safe place to share experiences, fears and dreams school becomes not only a place for learning, but a place where they can confide in a trusted adult and seek the guidance of a mentor.  The power of educators as positive role models goes far beyond closing achievement gaps in the academic arena.  Let us all strive to be mentors as well as educators as we develop the youth of the next generation. 

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