The Versatile Leader

I keep coming across people we have read about in True North, and more examples of how these leaders continue to alter the world around them for the good. Today, while standing in line at Starbucks, I noticed a new book being sold that written by Howard Schultz, CEO. His book, entitled For Love of Country, is his effort to bring awareness of the true stories of heroism and sacrifice that our armed forces have been engaging in for many years.

This is a prime example of a leader who is interested in much more than a quest for profits. This leader finds things that are truly important and inspiring to him, and works towards improving the world, not just providing people with a cup of coffee. Because of the success of his business, he is able to continue to create opportunities for others. His platform is much more than business and coffee. His platform is giving others a chance to find success by recognizing individual strengths and inspiration.

With this new endeavor he is showing his versatility with leading and inspiring on multiple levels. Schultz’s “why” is evident in all areas of his leadership. Whether it’s providing people job opportunities that his father didn’t have, furthering the education of his employees, or helping the world become more aware of the needs of veterans, his leadership strengths are clear. He values each person in their different situations and looks towards helping make their lives a little bit better. Sometimes all people need is an opportunity.

View the attached video to hear from the leader himself.

Starbucks’ CEO’s Newest Endeavor

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