Sorry, Not Sorry

How many times today did you find yourself apologizing for things you really aren’t sorry about? How many of you are women? According to this article in Time magazine, saying sorry has become a bad habit of women everywhere – a habit that must be broken in order for women to gain the same respect in leadership roles as their male counterparts. “Sorry is simply another way of downplaying our power, of softening what we do, to seem nice…Women know they have to be likable to get ahead. Apologizing is one way to make yourself more accessible and less threatening; Apologizing is one way of being deemed more likable. And yet, how can we be deemed likable and competent if we’re always sounding defensive or unsure?”

Before you apologize one more time for something, think twice about whether an apology is really warranted and remember that competence and confidence are two very important qualities of a leader. The last thing you want to do is discredit yourself as a leader because you are trying to be “polite”.  Sorry, I’m not sorry – not anymore.

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