Breaking Age Stereotypes

In old movies, comics, and television shows the school principal is often played by an older man or woman with grey hair and a negative attitude. I’m sure if you asked your parents and grandparents about what their school principals looked like, they would describe someone who looked similar to what we see in these old movies. Although this description may be normal to our parents, it is no longer the norm for our students.  We have started to see an increase in the number of young principals and school leaders throughout the country.  Many people still believe that age is a driving factor in the ability to lead a school successfully, while others believe job experience and education are more important factors than age.  While age stereotypes occur at both ends of the spectrum, I believe that younger educators are fighting to prove that age doesn’t always equate to experience or capability. I’ve discussed this topic with a few teachers in my building and I always start the conversation with this leading question….

“Is age really just a number?”

I found a very interesting article about young school principals in Tampa. Check it out!

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