The growing focus on ethics.

Growing up in a very religious home, integrity was taught in every aspect of my life from a very early age. If you had asked me about ethics I would have dismissed this as the very same. Attending a religious university meant I recieved the same information while studying how to exist in business. Discussing ethics in class brought to mind the following saying from the Karl G. Maeser, founder of Brigham Young University, which was posted on all of the walls in the testing center.

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So I kind of just assumed I knew and understood ethics. I had been trained in this for years, right?

Well, that was apparently how many of the students at BYU felt, but when Professor Bradley R. Agle at the BYU Marriott School of Business started doing some research about ethics in business he started to outline how wrong we were.

This article appeared in the BYU Magazine this past summer as a reprint from 2010. Agle and Aaron M. Miller have worked to identify the major ethical pit falls in business, then worked with Bill O’Rourke to create a survival guide to ethics in business. This article was published in a magazine geared toward BYU students and graduates who are predominately members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, so it contains a few scenarios and some lingo which may be a little foreign, but the article was great so I wanted to share. For many of us, we already value integrity and often dismiss ethics as something we already practice. Agle helps illustrate some of those places we may overlook, and hopefully will help us prepare for what may face in our future leadership.

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