Why Do You Teach?: What Sustains Us in Our Work

Why Do You Teach?: What Sustains Us in Our Work.

As we have progressed this semester through an introduction to educational leadership, one idea has remained constant:  the importance of reflection.  We have noted what works, and what doesn’t,  and I think it’s safe to say we have all imagined how we would do things differently in an administrative position.

One thing I hope we all do, no matter where this professional journey takes us, is remember why we entered in the educational arena in the first place.  If we always keep at the heart of what we do the “why” we teach (or taught), we will be guided to make the right decisions for our schools, our faculty, and our students.  Too often those in administration seem to forget the joys and, unfortunately, the pitfalls of  being on the metaphorical “front line.”  I think it’s imperative we keep this perspective fresh in our minds, to be able to see things from the point of view of those who face challenges and triumphs in the classroom each day.

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