Failed Efforts to Transform

Recently we have been taking a look at Kotter’s steps to leading change If implemented change can be effective, but why does change sometimes fail? Leading Change:Why Transformation Efforts Fail article from the Harvard Business Review explains why efforts to implement change fail.  First, leaders often do not take into consideration how hard it may be to push people out of their comfort zones.  Often they lack patience.  Outsiders are sometimes sent to deliver the “bad news”.

I have been a part of an organization where the leader wanted to implement change.  The sense of urgency was created but forming a powerful collation is where this leader failed.  It seemed as if the team was formed kind of willy nilly without considering what each person could bring to the table.  The team members were formed just for sake of being on the team.  They weren’t dedicated to the change and most importantly it did not seem that the leader was dedicated the change either.  If the leader doesn’t back the “change” how can the others be expected to embrace the change.

As I was reading this article about the errors that occur when leading change something really jumped out, “if you can’t communicate the vision to someone in five minutes or less and get a reaction that signifies both understanding and interest, you are not done”.

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