A Student View of Teaching


Recently a friend of mine sent me the link above to a speech given by Matt Damon in 2011. He begins as many speeches about education do; he thanks the teachers he had for helping him to find his passion and a lifetime love of learning. He goes on to comment on how current legislation has affect students in a negative way because teachers have lost their ability to let students explore their interests and find a passion. I found this to be an interesting look at how legislation and testing have changed education over the past decade. It starts from the level of the student and moves up the chain to the teachers. This speech covers the key points of teachers being underpaid and under-appreciated but it also taps into how that affect filters down to the students and changes their view of education and its purpose.

In looking at this from a leadership perspective, for me, it raises the question of how do you motivate and inspire passion when there are other factors at play keeping the education system stuck in a cycle of testing, data and statistics solely used to determine how the system is working? How do you use these factors in leadership and work them into that vision for a school and system to make them work for both the teachers and keep in line with the expectations of these regulations?

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