Color is still an issue…

An article in Diverse Issues in Higher Education, discusses how darker skinned African American students are suspended at higher rates than lighter skinned African American students.  While this news does not surprise me, it is very disheartening to learn in 2015, people of color, particularly dark-skinned African American males are still being viewed as a danger to society.

In my opinion, schools are one of two places where all children should feel safe and free from prejudice (the other being home).    From this article, I have learned that as a future administrator, I plan to incorporate Cultural Diversity Training as an ongoing Professional Development for my school (if this is an issue) and hopefully the school division as a whole.   I don’t know what this training will look like, but I do know that I would to implement the themes of awareness, fairness, and equity amongst all students.

All schools have some sort of Code of Conduct and I believe that if this is used correctly, discrimination amongst students, particularly those of color will begin to diminish over time.  This does not mean “special” situations will not call for “special” outcomes, but discrimination should not be tolerated at any school and definitely not one of which I am employed.  Issues regarding topics of discrimination can be very sensitive to all parties involved which is why it is necessary to handle with urgency and sensitivity.  All students deserve to be educated and educated without experiencing any guilt or shame for the color of their skin.


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