Are our teachers really leaders?

We are leaders.

As teachers, we are leaders.  Teachers assume a huge role, and sometimes we are not aware of how important that role is.
We are responsible for a numerous amount of duties and we must take it upon ourselves to take ownership and carry them out.  “A teacher’s work is very much like that of a doctor who has to treat 25 patients simultaneously or a lawyer who tries multiple cases at the same time.”
You don’t have to be an administrator to labeled as a leader, however as leaders we must take our tasks seriously.
It is not about being “in charge” or having authority to make decisions; Educators are selected with this in mind.

Leadership is acquired, it is not management alone.

Organization is a large part of being a teacher, however many teachers manage their workloads and schedules individually without ever assuming the authoritative part of the role outside of classroom management.
Instructors are influential simply by the nature of their role, yet not all are leaders.  Primarily leaders must have the vision to carry out the obligation and not simply fulfill an task.  There must be a balance between being a leader and being in a leadership role.

Being in a position of power the qualities you must possess are plentiful: Trust, Ethics, Transparency, Inspirational, Visionary and the list goes on….


We are leaders, but do we as educators really possess the powers of leadership?

Nolan, Jr., J., & Hoover, L. (2011). Teacher Supervision and Evaluation Theory into Practice (3rd ed., p. 8). Wiley/Jossey-Bass Education.
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