Heard it all before

As aspiring leaders we are expected to take on task that are to increase our skill in the area of leadership. Often times I feel myself searching for good leadership. What does it look like in my school? Why is it good? Who can I trust to lead me in the right direction and not a stray. I find myself wondering if I follow the leader I think is doing the correct things then find out the leadership is not effective, will that make me an ineffective leader as well? So then I took some time to reflect on why I became an educator in the first place. I became an educator to make a difference in children and also make a difference in the world. I want to make kids smile and be excited to come to school. I want to make school not only a safe place but the only place you can come and actually feel safe in your day. I want kids to make A’s not not F’s. Sounds of music and not sounds of gun shots. I want a child to believe he is the best thing in the world at school and not have to join a gang to feel wanted. I want joy and not anger, peace and not enemies. Love and not hate. I want school to be a place of learning not just a place to come and get breakfast and lunch. As a leader my plane is to start a movement of change for the children that are apart of all of those barriers of learning. I dont intend for it to happen over night, not a month or a year. It took way longer than a day, month and year for this to take happen to the students in the low income communities who essentially are in at risk situations, and it will take a lot longer to get them out. 


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