Will we make it to the top?

Watching this clip below, you can see a blind man named Erek that has a dream of doing something that has never been done before.  He shares his dream with his  circle of friends, his support team, that works towards a shared vision of helping him make it to the top of Mount Everest.  This task alone took a lot out of the entire support team.  There was preparation, challenges, setbacks, and a collective effort that this was something more than just “I” want to make it, but more of “we” will make it to the top.  They worked together to construct a plan of action that spanned over two years. The team had to work together to find out what would work for Erek, instead of what works for the common climber.  They practiced, built stamina for the climb, and when the day came they persevered. Not everyone made it to the top, however when faced with the decision to sacrifice the climb for all involved, the lead climber did not let his pride take over the over all mission to get Erek to the top and he bowed out gracefully.  Unfortunately, when the team was “leaderless” it was at a bit of disarray.  Who was going to step up and lead on?  To their surprise, it was someone they least expected.  In those moments where leadership is vital, you would be amazed at who actually steps up to the challenge.   The new leader was the driving force to the completion of this mission.
Throughout this video, I kept thinking of our class on this Educational Leadership journey. We go into schools and evaluate all the dimensions that go into it being run effectively.  School’s need a great support team, which could be the administrative team or a combined leadership team.  School’s need teachers who are able to reflect on their best practices and make them fit to the demographics that are being taught.  School’s need people to feel empowered, so when times of struggle arise they will motivate and inspire the team to press on.  There needs to be a shared vision in which the team will strive to achieve.  As an educational leader, we know there will be times when outsiders will judge our tactics or doubt our delivery, however with our confidence and well balanced character we will press on to reach our goals.  Each person on the faculty takes on an important role (teacher, team leaders, custodian, cafeteria manager, resource teacher, associate principal, etc.) and perfects their craft in order to be the best that they can be.  Everyone contributes to the overall outcome and no matter how big or small the role, everyone is important to the overall success.
Only 10% make it to the top of Mount Everest.  Just like not everyone is fit for a leadership role.  Erek’s exhibition had the largest amount make it to the top due to their collaboration, preparation, and ability to adapt to the trials faced before them.  Through this journey to become an educational leader, we must continue to reflect, prepare, and transform our state of mind to the role of a leader. We all start somewhere, however we are now given the opportunity to step up and lead. We will make it if we continue to share the vision for success and persevere through the challenges faced before us.  We will make it to the top!


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