Preventing Burnout

Everyone is familiar with burnout, and unfortunately it is probably present in most of our buildings. An article in Time presents 7 common signs of burnout:

  1. You’re overly cynical
  2. You want to run away
  3. You’re messing up normally easy tasks
  4. You’re always tired
  5. You’re always disgruntled
  6. You’re doubting yourself
  7. You’re sick often

While this is certainly not a comprehensive list of burnout, it does paint a picture of what burnout looks like. As leaders, it is important to be familiar with burnout and know how to combat it in your building. Knowing your employees becomes even more important in these situations because without a trusting relationship, information might be overlooked.

The article in Time goes on to suggest a few ways to combat burnout:

  • Book time with friends and family who make you laugh
  • Treat yourself! Spa, pedicure, nap!
  • Have a realistic to-do list
  • Express work concerns to your bosses
  • Reorganize work goals
  • Join professional development organizations- get inspired!
  • Book a vacation

The video below describes a program in Chicago where new teachers learn the signs of burnout and how to prevent it.


Bucklan, Erinn. 7 Signs You’re Burned Out at Work.

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