Were you born to lead?

When did you realize that you were a born leader? Even before I knew I was leading it was happening. I would be at church and I would be asked to lead the morning worship. I would be at a family function and I would be expected to plan where our family outing would be for the evening. I would be in class in high school and everyone wanted to be in my group because they knew I would get things done. Even as a high school student, I was constantly picked to lead groups or activities.  Without me even realizing it, leading came naturally to me. It was after I realized my ability to lead, I began to struggle with how to use my gift. In the past leading was expected of me, because I always did it and according to others, I did it well. If you had asked me, I would have admitted that I hadn’t even recognized this quality in myself. The day that I decided that I wanted to do more with my leadership ability was about the same time when I realized how many people were following me.  They were also frequently looking to me to make the final decision. I had to accept the fact that I was born to do this. People weren’t following my lead for no reason, they could see the validity in my decision making process.  Now that I’ve accepted who I am as a leader, I’ve decided to invest in that gift and to develop it professionally. Why are you here? Did you know that leadership was your “thing” or did you have a following that bought this to your attention? In the following cartoon clip the man is constantly plagued by a heard of sheep. No matter what methods he tries to get rid of the sheep, they keep coming back. By the end of the video the main character accepts the fact that he was born to lead. Once you accept it, you can develop it and no longer will it seem annoying or ironic that you have a following. YOU WERE BORN TO DO THIS! Now accept it and go out and be the best leader that you were born to be!


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