Take a Seat….Make a Friend

As I was perusing social media today, I came across this interesting video.  It immediately had me thinking of the many roles of an authentic leader.  I also began to think about the opportunity in which we take on a new position as a school leader.  We will be asked to come into a school culture and really understand what the school is all about: the faculty, staff, students, and parents.

To be that transformational leader, we will have to build relationships from day one. It could feel like these people sitting in an awkward ball pit in the middle of a public area.  All eyes will be on how the leader will lead.  The staff will want to know about our leadership style, what we are all about, and what experiences we bring to the table. We have to do our research to know the background, culture, and over all climate that we are coming into.  However, the most important thing we can do is take a seat and build those relationships with the school community that we are now serving.

I love how the people sitting down in the ball pit are of different ages, races, genders, and beliefs.  I thought it was great to have talking points with questions written on some of the balls.  Coming into a situation where you are meeting someone new for the first time can be uncomfortable, so it was a nice gesture to have those there.  I, also, appreciated how the girl and the mother in the ball pit did not get up until they found a commonality between the two.  It made their connection even stronger. There will be faculty, staff, parents, and students that we will meet and they, too, will come from different walks of life.  As future leaders, we must be respectful to all those we meet and try to build those relationships that will only help create a community that is empowered to be the best they can be.  We can start this journey today by being genuine in our own interactions with all we meet.  Lets take a seat and make a friend today.

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