So often educators forget that we are seen; we are “on stage” each and every day which makes it so easy to forget throughout our day to day activities.
The way we speak, the words we use, the manner in which we dress and the way in which we interact with others are all simple decisions  that can impact us tremendously!
We have to keep in mind that we are role models.  Of course we are humans and we make mistakes, however we want to always maintain professionalism.
How do we expect someone else to take us seriously if we don’t take ourselves seriously?  When talking to students, parents, other co-workers, administrators etc., we should strive to be the people that we want others to see us as.  For example, if I tell a student that he or she is out of the dress code, then I should be dressed appropriately.  If we do not want our students texting on their cell phones during class, we should abide by the same rules.

Social media is also another outlet that many people turn to discuss topics, post photographs, make comments and observations.  This can often reveal a lot of personal information, including those with whom we choose to associate.  Does that mean we need to stay off these social networks?  I that think responsibility takes a certain amount of maturity.  We should always keep in mind that we are educators.
Leadership is also the ability to show others our vision while putting it into practice. We should be comfortable at all times regardless of the situation or setting.  If you want to be treated as a professional, you should act like one.

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