“Culture has Changed at Henrico High School”

According to the following article, the culture at Henrico High School has changed dramatically as a result of positive relationships. The administration works to connect with and understand the students and their backgrounds. The new ‘dean of students’ position at several middle and high schools in Henrico County supports students both educationally and relationally. This position helps administrators better understand the students circumstances and better ways to provide them the education they need to be successful. Administrators work diligently to understand each child and his or her strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. This article reminded me of the “Introduction to Leadership Concepts and Practice” article by Peter Northouse. Northouse says, “The relationship-oriented person wants to connect or attach with others” (Northouse, 2009). He also writes about relationship-oriented leadership as the part of leadership that is “focused primarily on the well-being of subordinates” (Northouse, 2009). Administrators and the dean of students at Henrico High School demonstrate these beliefs as they seek to understand students and help them find success in any way possible.


Kebede, L. (2016, January 25). “Principal: ‘Culture has changed’ at Henrico High” Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Northouse, Peter. (2009). Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice. Thousand Oaks, California. Sage Publications, Inc.

Henrico High School article


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