The Move Towards Transactional Leadership

In the “Move Towards Transformational Leadership”, Kenneth Leithwood (1992) defines transformational leadership as “leadership that facilitates the redefinition of a people’s vision and mission, a renewal of their commitment, and the restructuring of their systems for goal accomplishment.”  I believe that organizations, and more specifically, educational organizations are complex systems.

Within these organizations are many people that have different viewpoints of how things should be done or facilitated for success to be attained.  As a transformational leader in an educational setting, I believe that there should be a focus on a few main areas to make sure that these different viewpoints are addressed, while still maintaining the focus and goals of the organization. The first area should be meaningful discussions. I believe these are critical because in an educational organization, people have different experiences, ideas, teaching styles, and ways to implement things. I think bringing all of these ideals to the plate as a decision is being made will allow the best decision to be made with everyone’s input and ideas put forth. “In collaborative school cultures, staff members often talk, observe, critique, and plan together. (Leithwood, 1992) The second area I feel should be present is the opportunity for teachers to learn best practice. Educational as a process is forever changing, and the methods in which students are taught is also changing. I feel that transformational leaders in education should encourage and support teachers going to conferences, taking classes, doing peer-observations, and having time for reflection. Transforming schools and increasing test scores means teachers are knowing and learning from the best. Leithwood, (1992) says that transformational leaders in education should always foster teacher development. The third area I feel should be present is the opportunity for teachers to be able to work together and problem solve to improve the culture of the school environment. In any school environment, problems arise, and with everyone coming together to discuss and figure out how solutions to those problems, I feel that everyone will respect and understand the different perspectives and views as work towards the solution is being done.

I fully believe that educational leaders that are transformational in their actions in their buildings always see positive results and support from stakeholders.


Leithwood, K.A. (1992) The Move Towards Transformational Leadership. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, U.S.

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