10 Ways to Make People Feel Powerful

I follow a blog called Leadership Freak and in this blog, Dan Rockwell’s succinct blog posts lay out the do’s and don’ts of leadership.

In his post, “10 Ways to Make People Feel Powerful,” he explores the ways in which we can, as leaders, empower our followers and build those relationships. Empowered followers are more likely to engage, be willing to change, and feel they matter. Within his ways to make people feel powerful, he really outlines ways to build trust, display respect, build relationships and ensure open lines of communications. Some of his reasons discuss providing opportunities for voice and freedom. Just like students, teachers need to feel their opinions matter, that they are seen as professionals, and that their principal believes in their ability to teach. Treating your followers as if they matter, by allowing them to feel valued, is imperative. This doesn’t mean that we ignore failures. Failures should be opportunities for growth, through feedback. These conversations can be difficult, but should not be ignored. Rockwell stated, “What you ignore is accepted. What you accept becomes expected.”  If we don’t have the tough conversations when they matter, then we can’t be surprised when the culture isn’t what we intended.



About Teresa Cole

Previous middle school teacher. Current Instructional Specialist. I dork out on collaboration, social justice, lifelong learning and ed policy.
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