Motivating the Unmotivated


During an instructional leadership discussion with my principal, she asked me, “How do I motivate them?” Out of frustration of the increasing number of disenchanted teachers, she sought my opinion on the issue. We’d had several discussions about intrinsic versus extrinsic motivators. During this past year, she has made great effort in trying to motivate defeated educators. The problem is that none of her efforts lasted beyond the tangible recognition or reward. When teachers become difficult to motivate, what must a school leader do?

This article supports the notion that preserving a positive climate is major challenge faced by schools leaders while attempting to implement change. One or two resistant teachers can negatively impact the culture of a building.

This article provides schools leaders with strategies to use when faced with difficult and resistant staff members.   The article mentions eight different types of problematic leaders but specifically examines the  “underminer” and the “on the job retiree”.  Each type presents its own threat to school climate and culture.”

Read full article below:


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