Even YouTube Can Inspire Leaders by Rick Burfoot

“Leaders…will be explorers, adventurers…trailblazers..leaders-of-leaders…They will gather around them the people who have the future in their bones” (:35/5:44). This little nugget of inspiration for school leaders can be found in a short video I included in a link in an article I was casually perusing. No offense to scholars of leadership or to those great professors that can be found in schools of leadership, but this video pulls it all together and would be an excellent way to start off a new school year.

Simply titled, “Leadership in 21st Century Schools,” the presentation (with a great soundtrack of course) presents approximately 2 dozen mini-lessons related to school leadership. Topics range from the “new world” of education,” to definitions  of school leadership, to school leaders connecting with the community, the science of change, and effective leadership. As a student of educational leadership, I realize that there is much more to the field of leadership than what is contained in this video. But at the same time, I found its simplicity both refreshing and compelling. As aspiring school leaders must of course embrace our scholarly examination of school leadership in all of its complexity. However, as practicing leaders we must be able to turn our classroom experiences into practical applications and/or communications that are meaningfully concise… much like the video “Leadership in 21st Century Schools.”

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KknELIA9_o


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