The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude: (n) The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Synonyms: Gratefulness, thankfulness, thanks, appreciation.

This morning during a department meeting, the topic of gratitude came up and it has me thinking, how importance is gratitude in the workplace? If you ask me and my colleagues, we would all say extremely important. Creating a culture around gratitude can lead to a more positive experience all around.

Recently, our assistant principal left to become a principal in the county he lives in. And this morning, in our meeting, we began reminiscing on his leadership style and how he always made sure to let us know when we did a great job. We always had the feeling that he appreciated us and all of our hard work. Since I live in the county where he is now working, our department asked how the school was and jokingly said maybe we should all jump ship from our school to his. Then, a colleague added a more serious comment of “Maybe if we were appreciated more here, I wouldn’t have that thought.” That was when the conversation of gratitude started. We talked about how feeling appreciated, makes coming to work more enjoyable. We talked about how feeling appreciated, made us want to come to work every morning. We talked about how feeling appreciated, makes us feel like our leadership team cares about us.

The best thing about gratitude is that it’s a win-win opportunity. Recieving gratitude and giving gratitude causes happiness for both parties. Think about it… Have you ever given someone sincere gratitude and thanks and not felt good about it? Have you ever received sincere gratitude and thanks and not feel good about it? What a great way to boost morale and culture in your work environment. Whether it’s a short sticky note, a face-to-face conversation, a quick shout out, or a written letter, it is seriously worth the time and effort to do it. Gratitude: something so simple, yet underrated. Think someone is awesome? Tell them! Be the leader that shows gratitude and appreciation… Go ahead, make people happy! =)

I will end this blog post with a readers’ choice challenge…

1. Find someone whom you never properly thanked and do it.

2. Write a gratitude letter to someone that has had a huge impact on you.

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