“Fail, pick yourself up..and fail again.”

Charlie Day

Failure is a scary word. In fact, it is my biggest fear. Charlie Day, however, suggests that in order to be truly successful, failure is a necessity and ultimately inevitable. As leaders, we are constantly in the lime light of our businesses, schools, and organizations where failure is presented as not being an option.

However, failure does not makes us weak, it is the notion that we do not learn from our failures. The Harvard Business Review suggests that “failure is inevitable and often out of our control. But we can choose to understand it, to learn from it, and to recover from it.” It is our job as leaders to make sure that our organizations continue to thrive even after a failure occurs. “The job of leaders is to see that their organizations don’t just move on after a failure but stop to dig in and discover the wisdom contained in it.” If the wisdom is contained there can be knowledge gained from actually making these mistakes.

Failures happen every single day. It takes a bold leader to create an environment that accepts failure. In this environment, the leader as well as the followers have the courage to embrace one another’s imperfections. The ability to do so opens up many doors in which trust is key.

The Harvard Business Review gives sound advice on companies who may worry about allowing the idea of failing to be an option. “This common worry should be replaced by a new paradigm- one that recognizes the inevitability of failure in today’s complex work organizations. Those that catch, correct, and learn from failure before others do will succeed. Those that wallow in the blame game, will not.”


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